Statements of support

As former headteacher of Dore Primary School I wish to record my appreciation of strong connections between our school and Sheffield Cathedral Choir in my last years at the school. On top of regular weekly choir sessions led by a member of the choir at school which blessed and enriched the lives both of talented singers and more vulnerable children, wider sections of pupils also benefited enormously from involvement in other musical events and concerts at Sheffield Cathedral. This not only boosted our music tradition in school but also gave pupils the very rich experience of visiting our wonderful cathedral and mixing with many children from across the city. The professional and expert tuition was a real blessing to our community. I was shocked to read today of the closing of the choir and fervently support any efforts to fight for and maintain this for Sheffield City. It will be a huge loss to so many if abandoned.

Sue Hopkinson, Headteacher Dore Primary School (2008-2015)