Statements of support

The Dean and Chapter’s statement says that they want to bring about increased stability. They have decided the best way to do this is to make a completely fresh start and to close the current Cathedral Choir. This is ludicrous.

I worry about the lack of accountability of a Dean and Chapter who lack expertise. We need similar checks and balances to those that would be in place for proposed changes to the fabric of the building.

It is extraordinary to take a decision to close the existing choir with no thought for the impact on the children in the choir or their families. These people have given so much of their time to the Cathedral; they have made a huge emotional investment in the Cathedral community - indeed for many it plays a central part in their lives. The lack of pastoral care, in what purports to be a Christian institution, is almost beyond belief.

This decision, and its method of communication via press release, are terrible for the mental health of the children, young people and adults involved.

Sadly, I fear the mis-management of the situation may not give confidence to anyone considering being part of a new venture. This is not the way to build and re-energise musical traditions.

Andrew Nethsingha, Director of Music
St John’s College Cambridge