Statement: legal challenge

Campaigners at Save Sheffield Cathedral Choir have today (Tuesday 28 July) said that they are considering a legal challenge to stop the closure of Sheffield Cathedral’s 400 year-old choir.

  • Campaigners at Save Sheffield Cathedral Choir are seeking independent legal advice regarding the Dean and Chapter’s recent decision to close the Choir.

  • The campaign was launched after Sheffield Cathedral announced it will close the Choir to better reflect Sheffield’s “mixed urban community”.

  • Campaigners say the Choir has always welcomed diversity and inclusion and that the true reason for closing the Choir remains unclear.

  • Due to ongoing redundancy procedures current members of the Choir are unable to comment.

  • While proceedings in the court of law may be imminent, proceedings in the court of public opinion are well underway, with a petition calling for the Dean and Chapter to reconsider their decision gaining over 4,000 signatures in its first three days online.

"The approach taken by the Dean and Chapter to close Sheffield Cathedral Choir has proven reckless, short-sighted and opportunistic. We are considering a legal challenge to the decision on the basis of unfair dismissal on three grounds: lack of clear reasons given; spurious claims around diversity and inclusion; and the cynical timing of their announcement, without sufficiently notifying employees, during the choir holidays, and in the middle of a global pandemic."

"We are also able to reveal that past correspondence has come to light which calls into question the legitimacy of the Dean and Chapter's decision-making process and looks likely to give rise to a further legal challenge."

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