About Save Sheffield Cathedral Choir

We are a collective of former musicians of Sheffield Cathedral. We have been involved in cathedral music as choristers, choral scholars, lay clerks, organists, choir directors, and/or outreach animateurs. All of us are passionate about music education and have been involved in the pioneering musical outreach work led by Sheffield Cathedral musicians. Today, we have a variety of careers in music, arts, education, research, and civic life. In our campaign, we support the abandoned musicians, young and old, of Sheffield Cathedral. And, we do so knowing that it could have been any one of us who found ourselves in their unenviable place.

To contact us, please use the email address savesheffieldcathedralmusic@gmail.com or connect with us via our social media accounts. One of us will respond to you quickly. Given the nature of our collective, and the fact that we have had to set up at great speed, it is not possible for us to provide individual contact names and details. We are funded entirely by our own back pockets, and operate from laptops, mobile phones, and often on bad internet connections. We have never all been in a room at the same time, but we share such strong common experiences that working together feels like the most natural thing. Save Sheffield Cathedral Choir!

Thank you for your interest in us.

Save Sheffield Cathedral Choir!

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